I am Liselore. I am LiLo Ceramics, but could not be without the help of my assistants Lonneke, Lottie, Sanne and soon trainee Eliza from the UK. I am the designer of the products and throw most of the produce. I am also responsible for the daily management. Lonneke and Lottie assist me in throwing, trimming and glazing the products. Sanne is my office manager and works in the shop on saturdays.

In 2011 I graduated at the Dutch Ceramics Academy in Gouda. Here, I was trained in the technical skills of this fantastic craft. Before that I finished the Hotel Management Bachelor in Maastricht. During my hotel traineeships in China and Thailand, I came in touch with the amazing ceramic heritage of Asia, which formed the backbone of my current style. My time at the Dutch Design Academy in Eindhoven, helps me during the designing process and the conceptual approach when I am working on art projects. As former chef, I love the synergy between my ceramics and food.

My work

My wheelthrown work balances between traditional ceramics and Dutch Design. It is modern, minimalistic and very thinly thrown. Everything is of stoneware quality. This means that it was fired on a very high temperature (1260 degrees Celsius). That makes the tableware much stronger than for instance earthenware.

The Hemisphere Collection is made of white stoneware clay. Haarlem is known for its fantastic skies, painted by Famous Dutch Masters like Jacob van Ruisdael. By the design of my glazes, the colours of the sky, under different weather circumstances, were my biggest inspiration. From the colour of the hemisphere, the sky after summer rain, sunset at the beach to fog in the woods.

The Chawan collection was inspired by the Japanese Chawan, used for matcha tea. I was so in love with the shape of the chawan, that it formed the base of the design of this whole collection. For these series I use different types of coloured claybodies. I do not glaze the outside of the pots, or only the rim. I emphasize the throwing lines in order to create extra shadow effects. The colour or the shine of the glazes creates a subtle contrast with the clay. The pigments in the clay also adjust the colour of the glazes, which creates unity between the inside and the outside of the pots.

All my tableware is made to cherish on a daily bases. They fit perfectly in the palm of your hands and therefore have, besides one exception only, no handles. Because the products are thrown so thinly, all items are very light and elegant. You can compare my work with high quality crystal. Because of the stoneware quality, everything is strong, dishwasher proof, oven- and microwaveproof. All glazes were tested on food safety.